If that tournament trophy keeps slipping out of your grasp, try getting yourself a custom-made lure at Fisherman’s World of PC.

Award-winning lures
Just ask around. You’ll learn that our custom-made lures have helped some of our customers win tournaments.

Create your own unique lure: you can come to us for custom jigs or trolling lures made in-house. You can choose your own colors. You can also submit special orders.

American-made quality: all of our custom lures are American-made, so you can trust that you’re getting top-of-the-line quality.

Dangle your own unique lure:

  • Custom jigs made in house
  • Custom trolling lures made in house
  • Choose your own colors
  • Special orders
  • Made in the USA

Need your lure reskirted? Bring it in. For a nominal fee, we’ll have your lure ready for action in no time.

Come to Fisherman’s World of PC at 602 Glen Cheek Dr. for custom lures that could finally nab you that trophy.

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We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Simply Removals for trusting us to become our partner. We are very glad to welcome you!

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